July evaluation period: What to watch

There are numerous story lines to watch out for in this evaluation period. Read on to see the ones that revolve around guards Arizona is recruiting.

The first evaluation period of the month starts on July 9 and here are some things to look out for in terms of guard recruiting.

Can Justin Simon continue to climb in the rankings?

It seems that with every evaluation period that passes, the Arizona commit impresses more people. As of now, Simon is ranked as the top point guard in the class and 14th overall, which is obviously impressive enough. However, he does have a legitimate chance of moving up in the rankings.

It won’t be easy because the majority of the prospects ahead of Simon are big men, so it is going to be difficult for a guard to outplay somebody at a completely different position. At this time of year though, the stage is bigger and Simon will be playing against some of the best guards in the country. If he puts together a string of impressive performances, it is not crazy to think that he can continue to move up in the rankings.

How will Arizona approach Derryck Thornton Jr.?

We have already talked about this at length, but this is when the recruitment can become interesting. With the recent Kentucky offer, it is becoming apparent that Thornton Jr. is going to have his choice of schools. Arizona does not need a point guard in 2016 and the plan right now is likely to not take one.

Thronton Jr. is making that belief much more difficult because of how well he has played. There have not been many guards in his class that have been playing better and with the steam that the recruitment is picking up, Arizona probably can’t wait too much longer before deciding how it will handle the recruitment.

What will happen with Allonzo Trier and Isaiah Briscoe?

Arizona has made it known that both are a priority, but it is not going to take both. Will one player decide to take a major step in his recruitment? If that happens to be the case, the likely choice is Trier. Briscoe has made no secret of the fact that he wants to take his time and believes that any school that truly wants him will wait.

Trier became a priority for Arizona as soon as Tyler Dorsey went his separate way and there have been questions as to where the recruitment is headed. The big question is whether or not Trier will have a visit date set up by the end of the summer, because it appears he wants to take a visit or two before making a final decision.

Will a 2016 shooting guard emerge?

Arizona has yet to offer a shooting guard in 2016 and while there really is no rush, you do have to wonder if a player will emerge. There are not a lot of high major shooting guards out west for the class and if anybody is going to emerge as a recruit Arizona can seriously go after, Brandon Cyrus would be a good bet. Arizona has seen him before and liked him, but it will be interesting to see if a member of the coaching staff goes out and take another look at him this summer.

This could be a position where Arizona has to go national should it choose to go after a shooting guard, but this summer will likely have an impact on the players that the coaching staff at least wants to keep an eye on.

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