July evaluation period: What to watch Part II

The first evaluation period of July is here. Read on to see the story lines surrounding the forwards that Arizona is recruiting.

The first evaluation period of the month starts on July 9 and here are some things to look out for in terms of forward recruiting.

Where is Ray Smith’s recruitment headed?

Arizona is in a very good position for Smith and the general belief is that it leads right now. However, Smith’s recruitment keeps growing with new offers and schools that want to get him to campus. Smith currently does not have a date for an official visit to Arizona, but he has made it clear that he wants to get to campus at some point.

It will be interesting to see how Arizona handles Smith’s recruitment in the sense that there may be some increased pressure for him to commit or the coaching staff could choose to just play it out as it is. With all of that in mind, it would not be a shock if Smith sat down and thought about what schools he truly wants to visit.

Is Arizona really in it for Carlton Bragg?

The Wildcats are in on Bragg, but he does not name any favorites and is not counting out any schools. He does say that he wants to cut his list on September 1, but even then it would still be at 10 schools or so.

We’re guessing Arizona would like to land Bragg, but we will probably know more depending on how much Arizona decides to watch him in this evaluation period. There are obviously a ton of prospects the coaching staff would like to see, but the ones that it chooses to go watch are the priority.

Will another 2016 small forward emerge?

Vance Jackson is the only small forward out west that Arizona has offered and it make sense when you look at the quality at the position. V.J. King has an Arizona offer, but it is not one we are taking entirely seriously right now because the coaching staff has not talked to him much and it will be difficult for the Wildcats to get him. Mario Kegler is another small forward, but we don’t know much about him as well.

The ideal situation would be if a guy like Oscar Frayer finally emerged and earned an Arizona offer, but that may be a ways off depending on how much of an opportunity he has. We already know that another forward will emerge at some point, but it remains to be seen if it will be during this evaluation period.

Will Ivan Rabb give any hints?

Rabb has done a good job of keeping his recruitment quiet for the most part. He may have a leader, but he does a good job of making sure that each school feels involved and has a chance. We know Arizona is doing well, but it seems to be the same story each time you talk with Rabb. That isn’t an insult by any means, but we’re waiting for Rabb to at least admit that a school is standing out some. We doubt it happens this summer, but Rabb definitely has the stage if he wants to say that schools are starting to emerge.

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