Wilson embracing the challenge

Nick Wilson knows there is going to be plenty of competition at running back. Read on to see how he is embracing that challenge and more.

Fresno (Calif.) Central East running back Nick Wilson knows eyes will be focused on him from his first game until the end of his UA career.

While that may make some players nervous, it is is a challenge that Wilson is embracing.

“I have been training hard so that I can succeed when the other team is tired out," Wilson said. "You look at how Arizona was able to wear some teams out at the end of games and it kind of makes sense.”

Wilson is hoping to be the guy that is wearing down opposing defenses at the end of games.

“That’s my goal," he said. "I feel I’m in pretty good shape and pretty put together muscle wise, so we’ll see what happens. I feel the most important thing for me to work on is my foot speed and agility.

"All this stuff goes together. I’m not lacking any motivation because there’s a lot of talent at Arizona and we’re going to push each other.”

While Wilson is working on his agility, he is also trying to put on muscle, a balancing act that can be difficult.

“Right now my weight is about 197," Wilson said. "I would like to get that to that 205 range, but it’s not the easiest thing to do when you run as much as we do.

"Arizona has professional strength and conditioning coaches and they know how they want us to fill out weight-wise and speed-wise.”

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