Williams continues to progress

Sharif Williams will not be arriving to Arizona when he originally anticipated, but is determined to get there. Read on for an update on his knee injury, future plans, and more.

Although he doesn’t figure to make an impact for a couple seasons, 2014 Fresno (Calif.) Central East defensive tackle Sharif Williams is one of the more intriguing players in the class.

While it’s well-known that he suffered a devastating knee injury last year, he’s also one of the larger defensive linemen that Arizona has signed.

Considering the lack of depth in this unit, expect Williams to see the field when he is done rehabbing.

“The rehab is going as well as can be expected,” Williams said. “I’m getting more flexible and stronger.

"Whatever it takes to improve each day is what I’m doing. The next step will be when I get to Arizona later in the year."

Williams is unsure what his future will hold once he does get to Tucson.

“I will be getting to Arizona in December," he said. "I’m obviously going to greyshirt that first season and from there we’re going to see what’s going on.

"I could possible redshirt then or I could get ready to play, it just depends on how I’m looking.”

The defensive tackle believes the flexibility of the coming years will be of great benefit.

“The thing is I potentially have three years to completely recover from the injury," he said. "I’m almost a year out already, but if I keep making the strides I’ve made then hopefully I will be ready to go next season. Either way, I will get there.”

One of Williams’ former high school teammates has expressed his satisfaction with the direction the football program is headed.

“I’ve talked with Nick Wilson and he loves it out there," Williams said. "He’s only been in Tucson for a little bit, but he’s said it’s all about football there and they work you hard. That’s the kind of stuff I like to hear.”

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