Lebron James Skills Academy Notebook Day II

The second day of the Lebron James Skills Academy once again featured numerous Arizona prospects in attendance. Read on to see how they performed.

LAS VEGAS - The second day of the LeBron James Skills Academy saw numerous Arizona players in action.


Stephen Zimmerman: It wasn't Zimmerman's best day, but sometimes it is difficult for a center to be successful in this environment.

Zimmerman showed his ability to get out in transition and runs the court well for a big man. In fact, his most impressive moment of the day may have been when he hit a three off one dribble.

It is a bit frustrating when a big like Zimmerman steps out and takes too many jumpers instead of getting on the block, but that is sometimes what happens in this setting.

Ivan Rabb: There's nothing we can tell you about Rabb that you have not heard before. He struggled a bit in the first half against Ben Simmons, but came back on a tear in the second.

You realize just how versatile he is every time you watch him. He can hurt you in the post, 12 feet out, or on the glass. The most impressive aspect of his game may have been that he went right to the post and kept going back despite the defender trying his best to push him off the block.

Rabb is clearly one of the best players in the class and we find it difficult to argue against the belief that he may be the top.


Jayson Tatum: There may not be a better long term prospect at this camp than Tatum. He just makes everything look so easy and effortless, whether it is his shooting or getting in the lane.

Tatum got into the lane at will and made numerous finger rolls as if they were something he has been doing for years. His comfort level is extremely high and there isn't much he can't do. We were impressed in our first extended viewing of him.


DeAndre Ayton: Scout ranks Ayton as the top player in his class and it is certainly well deserved. Not only if he technically sound, but he is also raw enough where he can improve plenty.

Ayton had a few powerful dunks and was aggressive on the glass as well. He also knows what he is and did not try to do too much, which isn't as common as you would hope.

It will be fun to watch Ayton progress, but it is obvious why Arizona is already involved with him.

Troy Brown: If Ayton is the top player in the class, Brown is not far behind. What he did on Thursday was ridiculous at times, hitting jumpers, dunking down the middle of the lane, or defending.

Brown was the only reason his team was even in the game and although the other team knew that, there was nothing it could do.

He had a span in which he hit a three with a guy in his face, came down and hit a turn around jumper from the post the next trip down, and then got a steal.

Simply put, Brown is a stud and deserves offers from just about everybody.

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