Brewer confident in future

Devon Brewer is confident in his future at Arizona. Read on to see what he says about that future and more.

It’s easy to overlook Fresno (Calif.) Central East 2014 defensive back Devon Brewer.

The diminutive cornerback comes from one of the most talented programs in California, but teammate Nick Wilson has gotten the majority of the attention.

Rest assured the Wildcat coaching staff isn’t overlooking Brewer’s potential.

“There was a little of everything that I like about Arizona and I wanted a place where I could go and have a good time there with my friends, but I also wanted to be able to work hard with a coaching staff that believed in me,” Brewer said.

“They always made me feel like I was really wanted. They always told me they wanted guys like me in the secondary where I can tackle and cover, but really just love the game."

Brewer does not know what his future holds, but he is confident regardless.

“I have no clue how or if I will play, but I feel good about my ability to put on muscle and really adapt to the college game," he said.

It won’t be long before Brewer arrives in Tucson.

“I’ve just been taking it easy back here before I go out to the University of Arizona," he said. "I have a different idea of taking it easy though then some other players.

"That just means that I’m working out and getting my mind ready to play ball. Nick is already out and I know big Sharif will be coming out there soon.

"It would be pretty cool to have three guys from the same high school and in the same class do big things in college.”

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