Ayton performs well at LeBron

The LeBron James Skills Academy regularly accumulates an impressive amount of talent. One of the top long-term prospects at the event this year was sophomore-to-be DeAndre Ayton, of San Diego (Calif.) Balboa City School.

One of the top prospects at the LeBron James Skills Academy was also one of the youngest.

DeAndre Ayton was one of five 2017 recruits at the camp and he drew rave reviews from the college coaches and NBA scouts in attendance.

The 6-foot-11 big man has a terrific basketball frame with shoulders and lengthy arms. Ayton is mobile, athletic and is able to impact the game on each end of the floor.

“I think I’m doing good for a big man,” Ayton said about his play at camp. “I’m faster than most of these big guys around here. I just sprint them out or slash a move off the dribble then I attack the baseline fast or hit a mid-range jumper on them.”

“Camp is real competitive,” Ayton added. “Nothing is easy. You have to take what you want. Everybody is trying to show off, so you have to show off too. You have to show people what you got.”

Just prior to the evaluation period, Ayton was moved to No. 1 in the 2017 Scout.com player rankings.

“I like being it, but I don’t focus on it,” he told Scout.com. “I just forget about it. It feels good to be number one, but I don’t take it that extreme or that far.”

“If I’m number I want to try and be number one until my senior year and in college and hopefully I make the pros,” Ayton added.

Despite his age, Ayton is well known among college coaches and is already receiving high major interest.

“I know I have a lot of letters, but I don’t really look at them,” he said. “Bill Self came to my school so I got Kansas, USC, San Diego State and Arizona. Those are the ones I know about, but I’m sure there are more.”

Ayton said he knows San Diego State has offered him a scholarship. He hasn’t taken any visits to date, but did say he would like to see Kansas.

“I want to try and visit Kansas,” he said. “I like Bill Self. He’s a good guy. But I haven’t seen the real Bill Self yet until I hit his floor. Then I’d see who Bill Self is.”

Who did Ayton follow growing up?

Kentucky and Louisville,” he said. “I like Louisville because all of their guys have heart and I can’t forget Duke. I like Duke and Kansas. I can’t forget about North Carolina either.”

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