Top 8 Upper Midlands JUCO DL

Hutchinson CC and Coffeyville CC standout linemen lead the way amongst the top junior college defensive linemen in the Upper Midlands region.

Marquavius Lewis (Hutchinson CC) - If you wanted to build the ideal and perfect defensive end, he'd look a lot like Lewis. He's got a great physique, an exceptional burst and explosiveness, and the length, strength, and flexibility to cause havoc for opposing offensive tackles.

Simply put, Lewis is definitely in the discussion for the top junior college prospect in the nation, regardless of class. He's wanted by every major program, and most likely be signed by South Carolina to play for the in-state Gamecocks.

Timmy Hamilton (Coffeyville CC) - I'm going to surprise many by placing Hamilton at the second spot in these rankings, but it's well deserved. You saw what I wrote about Marquavius Lewis. Hamilton in a lot of ways is similar, just not as explosive.

He's an excellent pass rusher, and exhibits exceptional flexibility and hip bend in coming off the corner. He puts on a clinic in that regard, showing off his skill and how coachable he is. Not the physical specimen Lewis is, and not as explosive, but has a similar skill set and is well put together for a defensive end.

Bobby Leath (Coffeyville CC) - This is a player I like the more I see of him. He's a lot of man and will be playing defensive tackle on Saturdays at the highest of levels.

The one thing that jumps out when you see Leath in person and on film is how well versed he is at using his hands. He's got quite of an array of moves for a future defensive tackle. Leath also isn't easily fooled, and his football IQ shows up frequently. He's able to use his superior strength to create a ton of force as well in driving blockers into the backfield. He's relentless in pursuit. He's not the quickest lineman, but has enough to produce at a high level.

Jeremiah Ledbetter (Hutchinson CC) - Just like Coffeyville, Hutchinson has quite the duo on the defensive line this year as well. Ledbetter joined Lewis to form a solid front for the Blue Dragons and Coach Rhoades. He is very similar in size to Lewis but not near the explosion or length. He's probably more powerful, though.

Ledbetter will have the spotlight on him this year at Hutchinson and will get ample opportunity to make a heavy impact as opponents gear towards containing Lewis. He'll have his chances and will be put in a spot to put his skills on full display.

Kevin Robbins (Iowa Western CC) - He hasn't played a snap of junior college football yet so this is more off of what he has shown in the past. Robbins was a freshman last year at Georgia Tech before transferring to Iowa Western for this upcoming season.

The skilled defensive end will arrive with a lot to prove and start from scratch in proving his worth to FBS programs once again.

Walvenski Aime (Fort Scott CC) - He was a tall lanky defensive end in high school that excelled in pass rushing. Aime is more of the complete package now. He's developed into a very skilled defensive tackle and his best football is still way ahead of him.

Aime looks exactly like what the major programs are searching for in future defensive tackles at 6-foot-5 and 285 pounds. He'll play at 300 plus at the next level and should find a home pretty soon if the results and production match the size, skills, and potential.

Mike Edwards (Iowa Western CC) - He's a bit undersized but very, very quick off the ball for a defensive tackle. He doesn't have the brute strength or massive size that most other players at the position bring to the table, but he makes up for it by being quick and beating his man off the line. If he gets in a tussle with the opposing lineman, he'll be at a disadvantage without the necessary length, size, and strength to win the one on one match ups.

What I like best about Edwards is the manner in which he arrives at the ball. He shows up to the play in a very bad mood.

Quinteze Williams (Hutchinson CC) - He's the third Blue Dragon on the list, adding to an impressive position group that Hutchinson will throw on the field this Fall. Like Lewis and Ledbetter, Williams is also a defensive end. I'd like to see him add a bit more bulk to his frame, but the length off the edge is there at 6-foot-6.

If Williams can put it all together, he has a chance to be an FBS prospect in his own right but he has some development to go before he gets there. He'll also need to remain healthy and add more moves to his game.

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