Swanigan wants an opportunity

Caleb Swanigan is one of the top players in 2015. Read on to see how he is approaching his recruitment and more.

When Fort Wayne (Ind.) Homestead Senior center Caleb Swanigan reclassified from 2016 to 2015, he knew his recruitment would take a major turn.

The speed in which it took that turn did not surprise him, but he admits that he had to approach his entire recruitment differently.

“It just sped up everything twice,” Swanigan said. “Now for colleges I have become a priority because I am no longer a next year guy, I am a this year guy. Everything is now rather than later.

“It was more of a step approaching it and embracing it. I had to get used to the fact that is how it was now going to happen and I had to prepare. I knew it was something that could happen right away.”

Swanigan has a list of schools that is too long to name and Arizona is just one of the schools on that list.

“I don’t like listing all of the schools because there are so many involved and I definitely do not want to miss anybody,” he said. “Arizona is one of the schools recruiting me and have been in a lot of contact with me.

“I have talked to Coach Miller and all of the assistants. They feel I can come in and play right away because they have some guys leaving after this season.”

That opportunity to play is currently the main factor in Swanigan’s recruitment.

“I want a chance to play,” Swanigan said. “I don’t need to be promised playing time, just promise me I will have an opportunity and a team with a solid roster where the best players play.”

As Swanigan goes through the process, he is trying to stay open to every school recruiting him.

“There are not certain schools I want to look at yet,” he said. “Any school that is interested in me, I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt and at least acknowledge their program.

“A scholarship is a major investment in me, so I want to give them the respect they deserve and give every school a chance.”

There will be a few schools that may eventually be given a better chance than others as Swanigan visits them.

“I will start visiting schools next month when things slow down a bit,” he said. “I don’t see a commitment or anything like that coming any time soon.”

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