Johnson just wants to win

Stanley Johnson is not used to losing and he doesn't want that to change at Arizona. Read on to see his expectations and more.

There aren’t many players at any level of basketball that have the tradition of winning that Stanley Johnson does.

He kept that tradition going earlier this summer when he won the FIBA Americas U-18 championship and was named MVP as well.

“We played really well together and won the gold, which was our only goal,” Johnson said. “Coach Miller was there and Coach Donovan and Ed Cooley also and they did a great job with us.

“Coach Miller was an assistant, so it was kind of hard to get a feel for what he is about because Donovan was the head coach, but it was fun being around him for two weeks and I am excited to work with him.”

If it all goes as Johnson wants, he won’t experience the feeling of losing while he is at Arizona.

“I don’t like losing and I went to Arizona to win and everybody on this team went to Arizona to win games,” he said. “Not only was the team knocking on the door to the Final Four, but it is most of the same guys that will be on the team again.

“You take the mixture of guys that have been in those situations before and you add some more talent and some versatile scoring, I think we can do it.

"Every guy on the team is trying to win the National Championship and we are trying to win every game. If we can win every game, then the championship will come.”

There has been some speculation as to what position Johnson will play in college, but it does not seem to be a concern to him.

“I am going with an open mind and ready to play,” Johnson said. “You have to be able to play with all 12 guys on the team and I think we will work on getting comfortable with each other during the summer and when we come back during the fall it will be pretty magical.

“I will play anywhere. I am taking Coach Miller’s lead on that one. We have a bunch of versatile guys that can play numerous positions, so it is going to be a battle for who starts and who plays and I am excited to compete against and with these guys.”

Johnson has been on the big stage before, so it is no surprise that he is not nervous upon arriving to Arizona.

“I have visited Arizona a lot and I knew what I was getting into when I signed my letter of intent,” he said. “Basketball wise, school wise, and social wise I think I will be just fine. I am happy with my decision and excited to get started.”

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