Las Vegas Evaluations: Day Three

The Las Vegas tournaments continues on Friday. Read on to see which player has the most impressive performance and more.

LAS VEGAS - Friday was the third day of the Las Vegas tournaments and there were numerous Arizona prospects in action.


Isaiah Briscoe: Briscoe is extremely fun to watch because he has somewhat of an old school game and he is a winner. We saw him twice on Friday and he was a combo guard, but wanted the ball in his hands when the game was close.

In the game against Tyler Dorsey, Briscoe had a sequence in which he found an open teammate in the lane on a pass in which he hooked his arm around the defender to find the open man. Shortly after, he attacked out of the post for a jumper and not too long after that, he scored off a baseline drive.

That pretty much sums up what we saw on Friday. Briscoe hurts the opposition in so many ways and he is only getting better.

Justin Simon: Simon’s shot wasn’t falling on Friday, as he finished 1-8 from the field. There are going to be games like that for any player, but the key here is that he still found other ways to get involved.

Simon has been playing both on and off the ball due to Dream Vision having Paris Austin, but we still feel he is more effective when handling it. Simon finished with a game-high four assists and never really seemed to get rattled.

Chase Jeter: When we saw Jeter play, it was clear that he was the best player on the floor. In a game in which Dream Vision shot 34 percent from the field, Jeter went 7-11 and had 15 points while adding seven rebounds.

He continues to show why he is considered to be one of the best big men in the country and he may be the most ready to play now. Jeter never gets pushed around physically and he uses that strength and his smarts to find openings in the lane for his hook shot or to attack the glass, which he did on Thursday.

Stephen Zimmerman: We really liked what we saw from Zimmerman, especially on the glass. He was the biggest guy on the floor and played like it, grabbing every rebound within reach and just dominating the glass.

Something we don’t talk about enough is his passing ability and he definitely deserves credit for that. On one play, he had the ball in the post and went with a no-look lob that was perfectly executed and something a guy his size should not be able to do. We don’t know if the box score shows it, but this was probably Zimmerman’s best performance of the week.

Chance Comanche: Comanche struggled early and just could not find a rhythm for the majority of the game. However, towards the end and in overtime, he became more aggressive and did well catching the ball in the post and blocking shot.

We don’t expect Comanche to be a guy that is going to come in and contribute right away because he just is not physically ready for that. There’s nothing wrong with that, however, and if he stays four years in college it will be with a ton of development and likely a better chance of reaching his full potential.


Vance Jackson: This was the best game we have seen Jackson play and we’ve seen him quite a bit. In a contest that featured Briscoe and Dorsey, Jackson was the best player on the court. His shooting ability is not matched by many and it was on full display, as he hit numerous three-pointers and scored off the dribble as well.

We get the defensive questions and we have some ourselves, but there is absolutely no denying Jackson’s offensive talent. He has a reputation with some as being just a shooter, but he got into the lane a few times and even tried to throw down once, but was fouled. As of now, Jackson is one of the best players in the west and it will likely stay that way.


Troy Brown: It’s probably not fair that Brown is playing against kids his own age, because he may be the best of the bunch. Brown not only ran the offense and got his teammates involved, but he scored in every way possible.

When his team was down at the end of the game, Brown took it into his own hands in order to help his team win. If he was that aggressive throughout, the Las Vegas Prospects would have come out on top, but that is something that Brown will eventually pick up.

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