Wildcats have numerous questions on offense

Arizona has numerous questions on the offensive side of the ball. Read on to see what Rich Rodriguez has to say about them and more.

There are numerous questions on both sides of the ball for Arizona and much of that starts at running back, where the Wildcats will look to replace Ka’Deem Carey.

“Well, we won't have one guy that can carry the ball as much as Ka'Deem did, 30 or 35, or in the Oregon game, 48 times,” Rich Rodriguez said. “We just don't have that one guy in our program right now that can do what Ka'Deem did.

“That being said, there is some talent that can do it. There are three or four, maybe even five different guys carrying the ball as opposed to what Ka'Deem did last year.”

There are just as many questions at quarterback, where Rodriguez is hoping to find an answer during fall camp.

“Even if I knew who the starter was, I wouldn't tell you all,” Rodriguez said. “Why would I tell you and tell our opponents? Not that it's a big deal. But this is the truth, I really don't know who not just number one is, but I don't know who number one, two, or three is. But there is some talent there.

“There are four or five guys that will get a lot of rest early. Then after the first two, two and a half weeks of camp, we'll pair it down to the two or three main guys. It may not be settled until after the first game or two, but I think the talent is there, and that's a good thing.”

Receiver may be the only position that Rodriguez has confidence in and he believes they are among the best in the conference.

“Well, I don't have Ka'Deem,” Rodriguez said. “At quarterback, if I knew that, he'd be my starter, right? But the guys that have the most confidence that we'll have set are the seven or eight receivers. Those guys are coming back.

Davonte' Neal, Cayleb Jones, David Richards, all those guys are for us proven commodities. DaVonte' and Cayleb had to sit out, but we feel confident they can play too. That is the crew we feel most confident in that can win at the Pac-12 level. I don't know about the other positions yet.”

Another aspect of the offense Rodriguez does not know about is if he can finally play with increased depth.

“You know, I don't know yet,” he said. “Kind of sorting it out, and we'll wait to see who our quarterbacks are going to be, but we still want to do what we do. The biggest thing for us is two years I've been on the staff about playing more guys. We play so fast. We get more plays in and all that. I want to play more guys.

“Well, this year for the first time we'll be able to do that. At running back, we have to do it because we don't have a Ka'Deem. At quarterback we have to do it because we don't know who is starting, but it doesn't bother me. We may be playing 25 guys on offense every game.”

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