Hill just getting started

Jalen Hill is emerging as a legitimate target in 2017. Read on to see what part of his game he is working on, the schools recruiting him, and more.

Corona (Calif.) Centennial forward Jalen Hill may not be a household name, but the 6-foot-8, 175-pound 2017 forward could be on his way to becoming one of the better prospects in the west.

Hill is still somewhat of a work in progress and know how he can keep improving to reach the level he wants to get to.

“Right now I am working on improving my free-throws,” Hill said. “I almost always end up going to the line when I go to the basket, so it is good to get those easy two points. My coach also wants to work on my perimeter, but he wants me to work my way out from the inside.

“I feel I can always get rebounds and my biggest strength is probably around the short corner and face up. That is usually how I get my points.”

There are a handful of schools that have already started recruiting Hill, but three in particular stand out.

Arizona, Kansas State, and California are the main schools I have heard from,” Hill said. “When I talk to schools, I want to see if they have sent any players to the league and if they have developed them. I always want to get better, so I have to make sure that I am going to get developed.”

In addition, Hill wants to play for a school that he feels will be successful in his time there.

“Any school that is successful and gets to the tournament is one I am going to look at,” Hill said. “I also want to play for a school with a lot of fan support that would have me playing in front of a lot of people.”

Hill is early in the recruiting process and does not have any plans to make an early decision.

“I want to take my time,” he said. “Anything can happen, so I want to make sure that the first school I choose is the perfect one for me.”

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