Naming a starting QB will take time

Rich Rodriguez does not know who his starting quarterback will be. Read on to see what he says about the overall competition and more.

When comparing last year’s question at quarterback to this year’s, Rich Rodriguez does not necessarily see a ton of similarities.

“I wasn't really happy with the way B.J. entered camp last year,” Rodriguez said. “I thought he should have been further ahead. But when I look back at it, he had still only been in the program one year, so I expect a lot out of him.

“We worked him really hard, but B.J. Denker, he worked as hard in August camp and Coach Smith did in getting him right. By the end of the year, B.J. Denker was a pretty good player.

“I think we're further ahead, our quarterbacks are, because of the competition, because they know if they slacked off in the summer when August camp starts, they'll be behind the eight ball, so to speak. So I think our guys have worked harder because of this competition.”

The current quarterbacks are relatively similar and the competition could simply come down to who orchestrates the offense the best.

“They're all pretty similar,” Rodriguez said. “One or two of them run a little bit better. We like for our quarterback to be able to run a little bit, but he doesn't have to run a lot. They all have a little bit of strengths and weaknesses.

“The biggest thing for us is who can run the system and make plays when plays aren't there, but also take care of the ball.”

Rodriguez is being honest when he says he does not know who the starter is, but wouldn’t say even if he did.

“The truth is, even if I knew who the starter was, I wouldn't tell you all,” he said. “Why would I tell you and tell our opponents? Not that it's a big deal, but this is the truth. I really don't know who not just number one is, but I don't know who number one, two, or three is.

“There is some talent there. There are four or five guys that will get a lot of rest early. Then after the first two, two and a half weeks of camp, we'll pair it down to the two or three main guys. It may not be settled until after the first game or two, but I think the talent is there, and that's a good thing.”

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