Bradford remains happy with commitment

One of Orlando Bradford's high school teammates recently decommitted from Arizona, but Bradford remains unfazed. Read on to see why that is and more.

Although his teammate just decommitted from the University of Arizona, Shreveport (La.) Calvary Academy 2015 running back Orlando Bradford remains excited to become a Wildcat.

“The Arizona coaches like me a lot,” Bradford said. “They think I can do a little bit of everything. I can break one if need be, but I can also run a guy over.

"They say they look for backs like me and those are the kind of guys they are recruiting.”

Rodriguez’s success with high profile running backs didn’t escape Bradford’s notice.

“They’ve had the leading running back in the country the last few seasons and with him moving on they said it’s going to be tough competition to see who can get that spot," Bradford said. "It might not just be one guy."

Bradford is still a year away from foot stepping on campus, but he believes he has the skills and work ethic to be the next great Rich Rodriguez-coached running back.

“I want to star in college so badly," he said. "I will do what it takes. Sometimes in Louisiana it is easy to get overlooked because of all the great players, but once you get to college all that changes.

"It doesn’t matter what your ranking is. All that matters is what the coach thinks of your game and skills.”

It remains to be seen if Shea Patterson will be joining him in Tucson, but that does not seem to matter much to Bradford.

“Honestly I can’t tell you what’s going to happen with that," he said. "All I know is that I’m happy to be a Wildcat.”

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