Simon excited about Trier commitment

Justin Simon is excited about the addition of Allonzo Trier. Read on to see what he says about the commitment, class as a whole, and more.

Allonzo Trier’s commitment was met with jubilation among Arizona fans, but they were not the only ones excited.

Current Arizona commit Justin Simon found out about Trier’s decision while at Adidas Nations and met the news with excitement.

“I was excited,” Simon said. “I had a feeling he was coming and I was ready for him to join the family and he did. I am just really excited for the potential we have to be a great class. Me, Ray Smith, Allonz, Ryan Anderson of course, and now we just need another big.”

Simon and Trier will play together at Arizona, but it will not be the first time they have been on the court together.

“Allonzo and I played together at USA for the trials and he is a great player,” Simon said. “He is a real good locker room guy and he can score the ball really well.

“He just seems like a great player and I trust Sean Miller because he is a great recruiter and recruits great locker room guys.”

Simon is not afraid to look at the big picture and recognizes the potential that this class has.

“I know Ray really well,” Simon said. “We are really good friends and he is a great player also. This has the potential to be the number one recruiting class.

“We get along as friends and teammates we will get along real well because we are all unselfish and great kids. We depend on each other to make plays and I am excited and can’t wait to get to Tucson.”

Not to be overshadowed, Simon has come a long way since being under recruited just one year ago.

“It’s nuts,” he said. “It has not really hit me yet, but this is just crazy how I came up as my own individual player building my name and stuff like that and now kids want to play with me and a good program that I chose and they now chose as well.”

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