Baker excited to be back

Running back Jared Baker has recovered from a torn ACL and is now hoping to compete for carries this season. Read on to see what he says about his recovery and more.

Running back Jared Baker has recovered from a torn ACL and is glad to be fully participating in fall camp.

“It feels good and my knee has the strength pretty much all back,” Baker said. “It feels good to be out there running just as good as I was before.”

The fact that Baker is able to compete just as much as any other player has given him complete confidence in his ability and health.

“It has given me confidence because I am finding it feels just as strong,” Baker said. “Every time I make a cut I feel better and better about it.”

baker admits that his injury was a bit difficult to handle at first, but became easier as the rehab progressed.

“It was hard because it felt like a setback, but it was a lot easier because of everybody that was out here supporting me,” he said.

“They told me I could come back if I work hard and we have all the resources in the world here, so it was not a big surprise that I was able to come back like I have.”

The running back competition is wide open now that Ka’Deem Carey has left and that has made each running back better.

“It’s definitely a challenge because we have like eight guys and we didn’t have a lot of guys last season because it was Ka’Deem and D.J,” Baker said. “It is a lot of competition and making everybody better.

“We’re all sad to see Ka’Deem go because we learned so much from him and each other, but we are glad to see he is doing well in the NFL and competing for his spot.”

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