8/5 Football Notebook

Rich Rodriguez met with the media after Tuesday's practice. Read on to see what he said about Tra'Mayne Bondurant, injuries, and more.

  • Arizona has moved the roster a bit due to injuries, the largest one of which is a broken foot for Sani Fuimaono.

    "Sir T Jackson is not in the 105, Marquis Ware is no longer in the 105, Clive Georges got hurt the other day so he is not in the 105 and then we just pulled some guys in for them," Rich Rodriguez said.

    "Sani is out of the 105. He has a broken foot. Anybody that can’t practice full speed for an extended period of time after the first practice, then we just replaced them. They can do treatments and eat meals, but they can’t meet and they can’t practice.

    "They won’t be able to get back into the 105 unless somebody else gets hurt I guess. We go to 120 when classes start."

    Rodriguez is confident that Fuimaono will be able to get healthy relatively soon.

    "It’s frustrating for him," Rodriguez said. "He has been waiting two years to play, but the good thing about it, if there is a good thing, is that it was early enough that by the time we start playing games hopefully he will be back in the mix.

    "He can do a lot of stuff in the pool and all that, but for a guy like him, it is like a freshman starting all over again, he’s missed some valuable time."

  • Two defensive players that are expected to see increased roles are Tellas Jones and Jarvis McCall.

    "Last year getting them to line up right was a challenge," Rodriguez said. "Tellas had a really good year as a special teams guy and Jarvis looks a whole lot better than he did a year ago.

    "Tellas has athleticism and burst. He has a knack to make plays and he is one of those guys where even if he goes the wrong way, sometimes something good is going to happen and he goes the wrong way quite a bit last year."

  • Jordan Allen transferred from LSU with the intent of playing and he seems to be coming along just fine.

    "He’s an experienced guy, has come in and worked hard and learning quickly," Rodriguez said. "Obviously when you bring in a fifth year guy like that you expect him to play and he’ll play. With Reggie Gilbert, Dan Pettinato, and now Jordan Allen we have three experienced guys at the end and tackle positions."

  • Not many players on Arizona probably had a more eventful week than linebacker Keoni Bush-Loo.

    "He just got married, which was kind of funny," Rodriguez said. "He got married and then had practice the same afternoon, so I think training table was his honeymoon.

    "That was a first for me in 28 years of coaching that somebody got married during camp and didn’t miss a meeting, didn’t miss a practice, and didn’t miss a meal. His wife is an angel."

  • There was some movement with the Tra'Mayne Bondurant situation, as he was not walking stairs on Tuesday.

    "He’s practicing," Rodriguez said. "The last couple days he was wearing the glow in the dark vest and walking. Today he progressed to practicing, not getting a lot of reps. He is doing what he is supposed to be doing so far."

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