8/6 Practice photo gallery

Arizona football continued practicing on Wednesday. View the photo gallery to see pictures of the Wildcats in action.

Trevor Wood

 photo Wood86_zpsfae18cc8.jpg

Samajie Grant

 photo Samajie861_zpsc34287fa.jpg

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson

 photo Rondae86_zps5d070cbf.jpg

Rich Rodriguez

 photo RR86_zps29f1db37.jpg

Jerrard Randall

 photo Randall86_zpsa9c69059.jpg

Rich Rodriguez and Josh Pollack

 photo Pollack86_zpsd4ed73ee.jpg

Jordan Poland

 photo Poland86_zps3435832b.jpg

Dan Pettinato

 photo Pettinato86_zpsc4d2db8c.jpg

Dwight Melvin

 photo Melvin86_zpsf6217b1a.jpg

Jim Michalczik

 photo Michalczik86_zps49a46ac7.jpg

Calvin Magee and Rod Smith

 photo Magee86_zps8a94e378.jpg

Aaron Lacombe

 photo Lacombe86_zps0725b437.jpg

Hunter Layton

 photo Layton86_zps445f5724.jpg

Layth Friekh and Cayman Bundage

 photo Layth86_zpsab3ee1a6.jpg

Layth Friekh

 photo Layth861_zps861165ea.jpg

Austin Hill and Cayleb Jones

 photo Jones86_zps5c8bea66.jpg

Austin Hill

 photo Hill86_zps991521c8.jpg

David Richards and Trey Griffey

 photo Griffey86_zpsea331fde.jpg

Brandon Dawkins

 photo Dawkins86_zps7f4839a6.jpg

Connor Brewer

 photo Brewer861_zpsba2cd9f2.jpg

 photo Brewer86_zps128132c2.jpg

Luca Bruno

 photo Bruno86_zpsf09b6205.jpg

Anu Solomon

 photo Anu861_zps056f5244.jpg

 photo Anu86_zpsccd65967.jpg

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