8/7 Practice Photo Gallery

Arizona football continued practice on Thursday. View the gallery to see photos of the Wildcats in action.

Trevor Wood and Freddie Tagaloa

 photo Wood871_zpsde7753d2.jpg

Trevor Wood

 photo Wood87_zpsef5aa193.jpg

Nick Wilson

 photo Wilson87_zps31bae44c.jpg

Zach Werlinger and Nick Wilson

 photo Werlinger87_zps691410f5.jpg

Levi Walton

 photo Walton871_zps975b4122.jpg

 photo Walton87_zpsb9e4341c.jpg

Derrick Turituri

 photo Turituri87_zps11564145.jpg

Tellas Jones

 photo Tellas871_zpsf03befc4.jpg

 photo Tellas87_zpsc8b08230.jpg

Jesse Scroggins

 photo Scroggins87_zpsb3d4208c.jpg

Scooby Wright and Jamardre Cobb

 photo Scooby87_zps0d6615b8.jpg

Samajie Grant

 photo Samajie87_zpsabbe444b.jpg

Rich Rodriguez

 photo RR87_zpsf8d0ae71.jpg

 photo RR871_zps618cbf30.jpg

 photo RR872_zps58b4fb88.jpg

David Richards

 photo Richards871_zps9f9bb182.jpg

 photo Richards87_zpsd96ba497.jpg

Charlie Ragle and Davonte' Neal

 photo Ragle87_zpsd5e3f61b.jpg

Samajie Grant and Davonte' Neal

 photo Neal87_zps9d4fad76.jpg

Will Parks

 photo Parks87_zpscd7fedf5.jpg

 photo Parks871_zps867e5133.jpg

Nate Phillips

 photo Nate87_zpse5b34ef4.jpg

Lene Maiava

 photo Maiava87_zpsc5235e3b.jpg


 photo Linebackers87_zpsb366682d.jpg

Josh Kern

 photo Kern87_zps6c06ef96.jpg

Kaige Lawrence and Cayman Bundage

 photo Kaige87_zpsd001743c.jpg

Kaelin Deboskie

 photo Kaelin871_zpsc58dc4e4.jpg

T.J. Johnson

 photo Johnson871_zpsb247088a.jpg

 photo Johnson87_zpsec7060ca.jpg

Jonathan Haden

 photo Haden871_zps42b9be22.jpg

 photo Haden87_zpsd13c7d75.jpg

Steven Gurrola and Cayman Bundage

 photo Gurrola87_zps3ed2ff59.jpg

Steven Gurrola

 photo Gurrola871_zps79849433.jpg

Trey Griffey

 photo Griffey87_zpsa42dfd1a.jpg

Terris Jones-Grigsby

 photo Grigsby87_zps27163d89.jpg

T.D. Gross

 photo Gross87_zpsaccaaf36.jpg

Zach Green

 photo Green87_zps0cbf0a8a.jpg

Layth Friekh

 photo Friekh87_zps0512db39.jpg

Cam Denson

 photo Denson871_zpsb731a831.jpg

 photo Denson87_zpsc55976ab.jpg

Brandon ZDawkins and Connor Brewer

 photo Dawkins87_zps0574f828.jpg

Connor Brewer and Ty Cruz

 photo Brewer87_zpsbcb9ee77.jpg

Jacob Alsadek

 photo Alsadek87_zps2d339110.jpg

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