8/8 Football Notebook

Rich Rodriguez met with the media after Friday's practice. Read on to see what he says about one player switching positions, the offensive line, and more.

  • Arizona's offensive line will likely be a strength this season, but Rich Rodriguez is hoping for increased depth.

    "I don't think we are as deep as I would like to be," Rodriguez said. "I think some of the younger guys that have been behind have gotten a little better.

    "I hope we can play more than just the five guys. I would like to play eight. Baucus and Ebbele are fifth year guys that have played a lot of games, played a lot of football.

    "If the experience is the same as when they were freshmen, it's not good. They need to be better, so I fully expect both those guys to be better as I expect Steven Gurrola and Cayman Bundage to be too."

  • Johnny Jackson got reps at corner on Friday and is exploring a possible position change.

    "Johnny wanted to play," Rodriguez said. "We are short at corner, so he comes over and now we are short at wide receiver because we have half the wide receivers that are not practicing it seems like, so we will see what Johnny can do over there.

    "He wanted to move and I thought we have a need for that, so we will experiment with it for a week and see what happens."

  • As practice continues, Arizona is approaching what many would describe as the most difficult time of camp.

    "The two a days are the toughest part," Rodriguez said. "Now we have been practicing every day for five days and Saturday will be the hardest because there are two a days, but it's not like the old days where you had two a days or three a days and it was all in pads."

  • The Wildcats may not be where Rodriguez would ideally like them to be, but there has been progress.

    "This is probably where we thought we would be, which is not pleasing in some respects, but I think we are better than we were four days ago and we should be," he said.

  • One player that Arizona is hoping will have a major jump is Jonathan McKnight.

    "He's healthier," Rodriguez said. "He's had so many injuries that he has never had a full summer to lift and I think this summer he has had a full summer to lift and get stronger, so he should have a really good year for us."

  • The second corner spot continues to be one of the major concerns on defense.

    "I don't know, it changes daily," Rodriguez said. "It almost changes by the minute. I don't know who that corner is going to be and we are going to need more than just one guy there, so it's wide open right now."

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