8/9 Football Notebook

Rich Rodriguez met with the media after Saturday's practice. Read on for his thoughts on quarterbacks, team energy, and more.

  • Arizona will get a day off on Sunday after having two practices on Saturday.

    "I'm sure our guys are a little bit leg weary and mentally weary," Rich Rodriguez said. "I feel great, I could have another practice right now.

    "The truth is I think our guys need a day off from practice, so we will have some good meetings tomorrow and get their legs back and get back at it Monday."

  • One player that has made a major jump from last season is Jacob Alsadek and Rodriguez attributes that to his attitude.

    "Jacob Alsadek, football is really important to him," he said. "He is one of the first guys in the building and last ones to leave. He studies and works hard.

    "He has made himself a legitimate Division One football player. He has obviously great size and all that, but his work ethic and mentality is what has got him to this point."

  • Jerrard Randall had a nice touchdown drive on Saturday, but struggled some in the past few days.

    "His world is spinning every which way right now,” Rodriguez said of Randall. “He obviously has some talent. It’s very important to him. One thing I like is that it does bother him when he does make a mistake.

    "Some guys you worry about if they make a mistake, if it bothers them. It bothers him a great deal. It’s important to him. We’ll keep working with him.”

  • In order to make sure the quarterbacks are ready for games, Rodriguez tries to increase the pressure throughout camp.

    "We try to put more pressure on them in practice so the games seem easier," he said. "We try to make them feel a sense of urgency, sense of intensity and pressure in practice. Will they melt when somebody gets on them or will they respond?

    "I have always done it that way and I can't see myself not. When they get in games I think they are happy I am 40 yards away from them."

    Anu Solomon, Jesse Scroggins, and Connor Brewer had red jerseys on Saturday, but Rodriguez says not to read too much into it.

    "Normally I take the top two or three guys and put them in the red jerseys the whole camp," he said. "It depends if they hesitate to run at certain times in practice I will take it off of them and make them show me they are willing to run.

    "I don't think they have to run and I don't want them to have to get hit, but I want them to be willing to if that's what it takes to win."

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