8/10 Football Notebook

Rich Rodriguez recently met with the media after practice to discuss Jamardre Cobb, Anu Solomon, and more. Read on to see what he had to say.

  • Austin Hill continues to be a full participant in practice and there are no signs of his injury.

    "We haven't held him back from anything, he has taken every rep," Rich Rodriguez said. "I think he is still getting in shape because he didn't do all the running in the summer just to make sure he is ready for camp, but we aren't holding him out of anything."

  • Mickey Baucus is one of the leaders on offense and Rodriguez expects a big year from him.

    "He has gotten stronger," he said. "He has had some injuries throughout his career and I think it has hampered him in the weight room, but he is stronger. This being his senior year, I see him being more assertive."

  • One of the biggest questions on defense is who will be the main pass rusher and the coaching staff continues to move some guys around in hope of finding him.

    "We have some guys that are capable of doing it, but they are playing other positions," Rodriguez said. "We are weakening one position to get a pass rusher, but I am hoping we will be able to get a little more pressure on the quarterback."

  • The starting quarterback is unknown, but Anu Solomon has made a major jump since last season.

    "I think he is more confident in what we are doing," Rodriguez said. "He still makes some mistakes here and there like you would expect a redshirt freshman to do, but I think he is really comfortable.

    "He was chilling. I think it is in his DNA anyway. If we were to let him chill halfway through practice, he probably would. He doesn't get too flustered, which is a good thing."

  • Jamardre Cobb came in highly touted, but is still working hard to learn the defense.

    "His head is spinning," Rodriguez said. "He's a freshman. He probably has to get in better shape. I think he is a physical guy, but he's a long way from playing right now."

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