8/11 Football Notebook

Rich Rodriguez met with the media after Monday's practice. Read on to see what he says about

  • With the quarterback competition up in the air, Rodriguez has no issue with playing multiple signal callers in the first game.

    "It depends on how well they play," Rodriguez said. "If a guy is playing well or performing well, or two guys are playing well and performing well, you'll play.

    "If a guy is clearly better than the other, you want to play the better guy. It's pretty simple. This thing will separate itself eventually. We have three more weeks of practice, I'm not worried about it."

  • There are numerous players that are currently hurt and it is likely having a negative impact on their ability to play early in the season.

    "Some of the guys that are not practicing much are falling way behind as far as the depth chart is concerned," Rodriguez said. "They are not going to come back and just jump back into the middle.

    "Now a guy like Jared Tevis, who is trying to get back, it is still going to take him a little while to get back, but he is a proven guy. The unproven guys, the more they miss, the further they fall behind."

  • Arizona ended the practice by running sprints and Rodriguez says the team dictates how much they run by their performance.

    "We are right in the middle of camp, guys start to get tired and feel sorry for themselves, so practice becomes a drag for them," he said. "This is one a day. Are you kidding me? It's not like three a days in the old days and every one of them was a two and a half hour practice.

    "I tell them I script an hour and thirty minute practice. They can make it two hours or they can make that hour and thirty minutes go an hour and twenty minutes. Whatever it is, we are going to get our stuff done in those periods."

  • The talent level is likely higher than it was when Rodriguez first arrived, but there's a catch.

    "I looked out the first year and we had Ka'Deem Carey and Matt Scott and those are two NFL players, so we had some pretty good talent there," Rodriguez said. "Defensively, we have a whole lot different bodies than we did the first year and at the skill positions we have more bodies and speed, but I think our opponents do too."

  • When discussing the walk-ons he would like to give a scholarship to, Rodriguez got frustrated with the current set of rules regarding new scholarships.

    "There's a couple guys right now I would like to give a scholarship to, but the NCAA has a silly rule that a walk-on, even if he is not recruited, you can't give him a scholarship the first two years or he counts as an initial, which is silly," he said.

    "To me, if a guy walked on for a year, you ought to be able to give him a scholarship and not have it count against the initial number. It's ridiculous that the NCAA in all of its infinite wisdom of being out for the welfare of the student athlete, if a guy pays his own way for a year and he is an under recruited walk on, you should be able to give him a scholarship in his second year.

    "Jake Matthews is earning a scholarship right now, but because of the silly rule, we've got to be able to get a waiver for it or something. It's not right."

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