Bush-Loo ready for season

Keoni Bush-Loo will receive plenty of playing time this season. Read on to see how he is preparing, how his camp is going, and more.

As opening night nears, the Arizona Wildcats have more than a few questions marks across the board.

One of those questions is at linebacker and although it wont be decided until game week, one of the frontrunners is junior Keoni Bush-Loo.

Heading into his third fall camp, the linebacker has been more aware of the defensive production.

"Practices have been going well," Bush-Loo said. "There are some slow days and some fast days. The defense has some ups and downs as a whole, but I think we are coming together."

Bush-Loo admits that there are times where the defense isn't quite as fired up as it needs to be, but he doesn't have any concerns about it.

"The defense hasn't been as rowdy as the coaches usually like, but we've been able to turn it up some," he said. "We just need to get running and into that flow and we're good from there."

Early on in camp, the defense won back-to-back days and Rich Rodriguez was noticeably upset during and after practice. The junior has come to understand what that means for the defense and himself.

"You need to understand that (Rodriguez) is an offensive coach," Bush-Loo said. "When the defense is doing better than the offense and the offense is messing up a little bit, he's going to get a little upset with everyone. We just play the game and get better each day."

This is the first season that Bush-Loo will be in the running to start at linebacker after originally committing to Arizona as a tight end. His time learning behind two upperclassmen has him prepared to step into their vacated roles.

"The past few years, I have been one of the back-up guys," he said. "Two years of watching great guys like Jake (Fischer) and Marquis (Flowers) play, I have gotten a better feel for the game. I've been watching for two years and now it's my time to step up.

"I have to use what I've learned from them and the coaches in my time here and put it to use, while passing it on to the younger guys. I just have to play my best."

While Bush-Loo is one of the more experienced players in the linebacker corps, he knows that he still has to work hard for his team to be successful.

"I have a little more oomph to me this year," Bush-Loo said. "I think to myself before every practice that I have to press and go out there and work hard. It will all pay off for myself and the team."

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