Jackson making the switch

Johnny Jackson is making the move from wide receiver to corner. Read on to see how the move has gone so far and more.

Johnny Jackson has played wide receiver his entire college career, but recently decided that he wanted to try a different position.

"I have been in Coach Rod’s ear about the move and transition," Jackson said. "With us being so deep at receiver and the lack of depth at DB, I saw it as an opportunity to get on the dark side and try to contribute and earn a spot."

Jackson's first few days at corner have been a learning experience.

"The first few days have been hectic," he said. "There are a lot of calls, a lot more than I expected, but I think I am taking the transition well and learning day by day."

The transition has been helped by the fact that Jackson has experience thinking like a receiver.

"You know the little tendencies a receiver wants to do, the depth you are going to break off at, stuff like that definitely helps my transition a lot," he said.

Jackson's move to corner has also given him a new appreciation for that side of the ball.

"I feel that when I was on offense, I didn’t understand defense the way I am understanding it now," he said. "If I was to go back to offense, I would definitely have a better understanding of what I am supposed to do on that side of the ball."

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