Grant working to improve

Samajie Grant's main goal this season is to improve. Read on to see him discuss that goal and more.

Samajie Grant is in the midst of his second camp and has high standards.

"It’s real intense, but as a receiving core we are not executing everything we are supposed to," Grant said. "We are working on it, but we have not perfected anything. It is a progression and we are trying to get better every day."

Arizona has one of the deepest group of receivers in the country, but Grant's approach may surprise some.

"We’re not taking it as a competition," he said. "We are taking it as trying to get everybody better. Nobody has been talking trash about starting.

"Personally I am just trying to get better. I am not going to say I am better than anybody or they are better than me, I am just trying to get better and that is my goal this year."

Grant has a good idea of what he needs to work on in order to see that improvement.

"The top of my routes," he said. "My legs are not fully there and they are giving out on me, so I need to be able to get one step and get out.

" am giving the defensive backs time to catch up to me just by having choppy steps at the end of my routes. I want to strengthen my hands and be able to catch everything."

There may be room for improvement, but Grant feels this group of receivers is already ahead of where it was last year.

"Last year around this time we probably as a whole had about not even ten catches out of the whole spring," Grant said. "Now there are players making eight catches a day, ten catches a day.

"Everybody’s receptions are improving compared to last year. I think I had like two catches at this point last season and that was on my first day."

One of the main reasons for that improvement is the quality at quarterback.

"Our quarterbacks this year are loose," Grant said. "Not saying B.J. isn’t loose, but he was new to it. All of these guys we have now, we have been working a lot over the summer and they have all been taking extra snaps, which is helping a lot now because they all understand the coverages better."

The fact that there is no starting quarterback has not had a negative impact on Grant's progress.

"It’s not a comfort thing, it is all about getting open," he said. "You don’t want to get comfortable with somebody that is not going to get open, so you have to be able to trust your receivers. That is what we are trying to gain."

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