8/12 Football Notebook

Rich Rodriguez met with the media after Tuesday's practice. Read on to see what he thinks of the team's strength, defensive line, and more.

  • Rich Rodriguez does not seem disappointed with the current shape of his team, but does feel there is room for improvement.

    "I’m not sure we are as strong as we need to be," Rodriguez said. "Just looking at our strength numbers, I think the strength staff has done a really good job and they are really, really good, but there is another level we can get to."

  • One of the major concerns for Arizona is the ability to pressure the opposing quarterback.

    "You hope you don’t have to do it by blitzing," Rodriguez said. "You want to get some guys that can win some one on one stuff.

    "We can try to be creative defensively, but more than anything, we need to get some guys, maybe some linebackers, that are rushing the passer. Get the defensive linemen we have to be more explosive and another thing is to get into more third and long situations."

  • When discussing the progress of his quarterbacks, Rodriguez reflected on B.J. Denker last season.

    "I’ve seen it at some practices," he said. "I didn’t think today was particularly good. B.J. Denker is back in town and ain’t nobody that got yelled at more than B.J. Denker did last fall. Instead of going into the tank, he got better and by the end of the season he was playing pretty good."

  • As far as his quarterbacks go, Rodriguez has always been consistent in his approach.

    "Some people treat quarterbacks a little differently and worry about their confidence and all that, but I’m worried about my confidence and the team’s confidence if the guy can get it done," Rodriguez said.

    "The quarterback that can handle the heat we put on them in practice, not just us getting on them, the pressure, the music, the sounds, the games should be easier for them. I can see these guys progressing to that."

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