Zynn could become a Cat.

Big Daniel Zynn seems to really like the Wildcats, but as of now he has not been offered. Why has the 270 pounder not been offered despite his obvious interest?

According to sources close to the situation, Zynn has not been offered due to academic difficiencies. It's not Zynn's grades that are the problem, he carries a 2.9 GPA. The problem lies in his core classes. As it stands now he is missing classes that are critical to enrolling at Arizona.

According to the source Zynn is attempting to restructure his senior year course load in an effort to get the correct classes. If his class situation is corrected, it is believed that the Cats will offer.

Zynn attended Arizona's junior day and became friends with recent Arizona recruit Tim Volk. Zynn, who attends South Pasadena High School is friends with Pasadena (Muir) quarterback and Arizona commitment, Ryan O'Hara.

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