8/15 Football Notebook

Rich Rodriguez met with the media on Friday night. Read on to see what he said about naming a starting quarterback, Jordan Allen, and more.

  • Nate Phillips sat out of practice and Austin Hill was limited, but Rich Rodriguez did not seem too concerned.

    "Really for us, it’s more precautionary,” Rodriguez said of Phillips. “We’re going to rest him for a couple of days and then hope he can go Monday. Same thing with Austin. He could practice. If we had a game, he could play. But we’re going to rest him a little bit.

    “Particularly if you’re a wideout, they do more running than anybody on the team just because of our offense and how we structure practice. So once in a while, we’re giving guys a little rest.”

  • In the past, Rodriguez has mentioned players seeing action on both sides of the ball and that is something he is still considering.

    “That’s one thing we have to start doing next week is our SWAT team," Rodriguez said. "Whether it’s DaVonte’ or Samajie or Cayleb, some of those guys who can play in the secondary on our SWAT team, we’re going to do that.

    "You have to teach them up, coach them up a little bit. We’ve never had the ability to do that before, but with DaVonte’ and Samajie and maybe even Cayleb, those guys will get a chance. They’ll get some reps in.”

  • Fans are anxious for Rodriguez to name a starting quarterback, but that may not happen as soon as they would like.

    “Sometimes we’re inconsistent at quarterback,” Rodriguez said. “One day I think we make some progress, and then another day we’re just kinda standing still. Today was a day we made a little progress in some areas, but then we still had a couple of errors you just can’t have. We have a ways to go.”

    “It’s going to be another week or two or three,” he said. “We’re going to start cutting the playlist down. We have enough offense in. We have to cut it down to what we think the guys can execute. If they make the mental mistakes in the next week, obviously they aren’t going to be the guy.”

  • Jordan Allen is healthy and the defensive end has already impressed the coaching staff.

    “He’s a smart guy," Rodriguez said. "A fifth-year player, who has been there, done that, been in a big arena. He’s a mature guy. Mentally, he’s picked it up really well.

    "Obviously what we do defensively is really unique compared to others. A lot of the defensive techniques are going to be new for him. But he’s going to play. We didn’t bring him in here as a one-year guy not to play.”

  • In addition to quarterback, the coaching staff will look to start narrowing down the running back competition as well.

    "We have to start narrowing that down too," Rodriguez said. "I think Coach Magee has a pretty good idea on the rotation for next week. We have not done a lot of physical, live hitting with those guys and tomorrow morning we’re going to go live a little bit."

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