Jones ready to be counted on

Cayleb Jones is taking football more serious this season. Read on to see why, his thoughts on competition, and more.

Cayleb Jones sat out last season and now that he knows he is playing, his mentality has changed.

"Camp is great," Jones said. "I am learning a lot and getting better every day. I’m healthy, so everything is good.

"I have to take a lot more serious mentality and they depend on me to do certain things, so I want to be accountable."

Jones is embracing the competition between the wide receivers and believes it is helping him improve.

"Competition breeds better players and people," he said. "The rest of the group and I thrive off of it and everyday somebody else can step up.

"I don’t look at it as competing against another person, I look at what the other guys bring to the table and how we complement each other."

It may be competitive between the receivers, but they also push each other to get better.

"I get coached more than fellow wide receivers than I do my wide receiver coach, which isn’t a bad thing," Jones said. "Coach Dews is amazing and he does a great job, but the receivers all really help each other."

With questions at quarterback, it is hard for the receivers to not have interest in the position.

"You think about it, but what can you do?" Jones said. "You play, coaches coach, and they make sure the best players are on the field. We do what they tell us to do, catch it from whoever throws it.

"It doesn’t take long to learn a quarterback's tendencies. I have been with the guys from last fall, so I know them and then playing in the spring helps a lot. In camp you are with guys every hour of the day, so you pick it up quick."

As the first game approaches, Jones has it in his sights.

"I have been thinking about it since I left Texas," he said. "I am looking forward to running out the tunnel and know that they can count on me and I have a role and being with my new family and team."

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