Friekh learning fast

Layth Friekh is on pace to play this season. Read on to see what he says about his weight gain, possibly playing, and more.

Offensive lineman Layth Friekh entered Arizona with a solid perspective on what his freshman year would be like and that has seemingly helped his transition.

"It’s going pretty good," Friekh said. "I am getting a lot better with my technique and learning the plays. Coach Michalczik is helping me a lot.

"It is what I expected. It’s different and I have to get used to it. All of the kids I talked to that I went to college with that I knew from school told me it would be like this, so I have a good perspective."

Friekh is noticeably bigger than he was in high school and the change started when his senior season ended.

"I started eating better and actually lifting," Friekh said. "When I ended my senior year of football I was 240 and now I am 277.

"I just started eating and lifting right and trying to be a better lineman. I want to make sure it is muscle and not fat. It is important I gain good weight."

Rich Rodriguez has said that offensive line and quarterback are the two toughest positions to learn and Friekh believes it is easy to see why.

"Everybody is strong," he said. "The speed is a factor, but the strength is the main thing. The older guys are stronger because they have been through the program and it takes time to get the strength up to where those guys are."

Friekh knows that there is a possibility he will play this season and he has been helped along by his mentality.

"I came in wanting to play, but I think everybody should because they should strive for something," he said. "I know Mickey Baucus is really good and has been a starter for a while, so I am trying to learn from him and maybe next year be able to take over."

In addition, there is one specific player that has helped Friekh out tremendously.

"Freddie Tagaloa has helped me a lot with the plays and technique," Friekh said. "Every day after practice he will work with me and during film he always talks to me about how to be better."

It also helps that Friekh has been able to get along well with his position coach.

"It takes a practice or two to get used to the speed and know what you are doing," he said. "You have to know your plays and assignments and if you know those, it’s not that bad.

"Coach Michalczik is not really a yeller. He will talk to you and tell you what to fix and how to fix it. If you don’t do it, he will get on you about it."

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