Wood adjusting well

Trevor Wood has not played his first college game yet, but he is adjusting well. Read on to see what he says about his role, playing in this offense, and more.

Trevor Wood came to Arizona as one of the best players in the country, but is finding out he still has plenty to learn.

"Camp is going well," Wood said. "I am definitely picking up a lot of stuff and improving my game. I can see the things coming as a freshman that you need to have and improve on from high school.

" The biggest transition has been the speed of the game and strength, size of the players. Everybody is the biggest, fastest, best from their high school, so adjusting to that."

When Wood was going through the recruiting process, he surely heard from other schools that Rich Rodriguez does not have a history of using a tight end.

Upon arriving to Arizona, Wood has enjoyed his role.

"I’m very comfortable," he said. "He is an offensive guru that knows how to use the players that he has. It doesn’t matter what position they are, he can make any player look like an All-Star.

"He knows how to use his players and I am completely happy with what I am doing. It is everything I expected."

Of course, it makes it much easier for Wood to trust the coaching staff considering that his high school coach, Charlie Ragle, is now his position coach in college as well.

"It’s been awesome," Wood said. "We have a great relationship, but it’s not to the point where he is going to take it easy on me. That is exactly what I like and a big reason why I came here. He is intense and that is kind of the coaching I need and like.

Everybody says they can hear my name being yelled all practice. During practice it is a grind being yelled at, but like they say, they want you to be comfortable being uncomfortable and he’s definitely helping me out with that."

Camp is nearly complete and Wood says that he already has the first game on his mind.

"That’s all I have been thinking about," he said. "I am excited. I don’t know what I will feel when I come out of that tunnel, but it will be fun."

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