Deboskie comes a long way

Kaelin Deboskie had a long journey to Arizona. Read on to see what he says about that and more.

While best friend and long-time teammate Cam Denson has been in the city’s football spotlight for many years, Kaelin Deboskie took a round about way to the top.

Deboskie and Denson’s families go way back and both kids were raised together on the football field.

But where Cam was an urban legend before he entered Salpointe, Deboskie had largely fallen off the Tucson radar.

“It was tough because for a while I moved out with my mother to Texas and that didn’t work out, so I then moved to Phoenix and spent my first two high school years at Chandler Hamilton," Deboskie said

Deboskie longed to move back to Tucson where he could play in front of his family and friends while re-uniting with his childhood buddy.

“By the time my junior season rolled around it was decided that I would move back to Tucson and play at Salpointe," he said. "My dad told me about all the stuff Cam was doing there. My parents were behind it and I just had a feeling it was the right move to go back home.”

That is an understatement.

Due to the prolific abilities of Deboskie and Denson, the Salpointe offense re-wrote city records in front of big-time college scouts.

“We just had an unreal team and I felt myself getting better each day," Deboskie said. "I knew I was onto something when I got the Oklahoma State offer. That was unreal, but I couldn’t really see myself playing there.”

That was because he didn’t want to leave Tucson again.

“I love this city," Deboskie said. "My family is here. This is where I learned to play football and the fact that I can play with Cam at the college level is a dream come true.

“We have both come a long way from being young children just messing around on the football field.”

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