Neal's mentality stays consistent

Davonte' Neal's mentality has not changed despite sitting out one season. Read on as he discusses that mentality, his thoughts on this season, and more.

Davonte' Neal had to sit out last season because of transfer rules, but made sure that his overall thought process did not change.

"There’s no difference in mentality because I will give the same effort even if I was on scout team," Neal said. "It’s about getting better and I want to get myself better each day just so that in the first game we make sure we are ready.

"I am a lot more comfortable with the offense just because I get the plays and get to go over them a second and third time. We are repping them in practice, so I get that mental aspect as well."

One of the most exciting aspects of this season for Neal is the overall talent level at receiver.

"We have some talent at receiver," he said. "We have taller guys like Cayleb, David, and Austin and then we have shorter guys like myself, Samajie, and Nate.

"We are pretty balanced at receiver. Our inside receivers can go outside and our outside receivers can go inside, so we have a good, talented group."

Neal never took a day off when sitting out and much of that has to do with a mentality that he grew up with.

"I have a mentality where if I have to show up I might as well work hard," he said. "Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself. I just come out there and get better and make my team better because if they see me go hard, they will want to go hard as well."

Now that the season is a little over a week away, it feels surreal for the wide receiver.

"I definitely feel the excitement because I sat out for a full year and I still can’t believe it has been a year," Neal said. "It is still mind blowing, but my family and I are happy, the coaches are happy, the players are happy that we just get to go out there and do it."

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