Ellison has no ego

Tony Ellison left his ego at the door when he entered college. Read on to see how that has helped him and more.

Freshman wide receiver Tony Ellison admits that camp was hard at first, but he is now happy with the progress he is making.

"Camp is going well," Ellison said. "At first it was tough learning to the plays and I am still adjusting, but I am busting my butt and adapting. I am starting to learn everything now and I am pretty good with the offense."

The biggest adjustment has been that Ellison has to work harder mentally while on the field.

"Routes are all based on coverages now and in high school it was just you run the play and don’t have to think about anything," he said.

"Now it is a lot of learning and adjusting to the what the defense is doing. The first week was tough, but now I am getting comfortable."

Still, the hard work is exactly what Ellison saw coming.

"It is what I expected," he said. "It wasn’t that much of a difference, but the size, speed, and amount of learning is more mental than physical for me."

As of now, Ellison is unsure if he will have a role this season, but it does not seem to be consuming his thoughts.

"I can’t really say what my role will be," he said. "I am just doing my job and what I can to help the team, but we will know by next week.

" I am Just doing what the coach tells me. I don’t have an ego and I am here because I love football. I listen to what the coaches say and work hard and if it gets me on the field, it gets me on the field."

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