Walton keeps learning

Levi Walton is working hard to learn the offense and become a better offensive lineman. Read on to see what that consists of and more.

One of the hardest positions for a freshman to learn is offensive line and Levi Walton is experiencing that first hand.

"I am learning a lot," Walton said. "I am learning from the older guys and working with Coach M is a blessing with the experience and good coaching I am getting.

"I am improving every day and I love all the guys I am out here with, they all help me. It is the best group of guys I could ask for."

The biggest transition for Walton has been the overall speed of the game.

"It’s a lot faster than I expected," he said. "They said everything works fast here, but my first practice was like a blur to me.

"It felt like it was a ten minute practice because everything went so fast, but it has slowed down a lot since then because I am getting used to the pace and tempo of practice."

Since arriving at Arizona, Walton has already seen his position on the line change.

"I knew because of my height I would be moved to guard, but more likely center, so I was prepared to play it here," he said. "I played tackle in high school. It’s different not having to stagger and be more down.

"I have played in a two-point stance my whole time in high school, so it is weird being down and the guys being right up on you on the ball.

"You’re like the quarterback of the offensive line, you have to be the smartest guy, know the plays, know the points."

Thankfully for Walton, he has gotten help from two players in particular and his position coach as well.

"Jacob Alsadek and Steven Gurrola have taught me some things and they work with me after practice," Walton said. "They help me with anything I need, film. Without those guys, I don’t know where I would be.

"Coach Michalczik a smart guy. He is a more laid back coach, but he is on you when he has to be, so you have to respect him. If he is on you, he is on you for a good reason because he knows his stuff."

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