8/20 Photo Gallery

Arizona football continued practice on Wednesday. View the photo gallery to see the Wildcats in action.

Rich Rodriguez

 photo Rich820_zps97a5d146.jpg

Will Parks

 photo Parks820_zpsf84e394f.jpg

Davonte' Neal

 photo Neal820_zps1cfb0b91.jpg

DeAndre Miller

 photo Miller8201_zps2a427edb.jpg

Cody Ippolito and DeAndre Miller

 photo Miller820_zps995b9948.jpg

Kweis Mashack

 photo Mashack820_zps12a735a5.jpg

David Lockwood

 photo Lockwood8201_zps500e782e.jpg

David Lockwood and Cam Denson

 photo Lockwood820_zpsb7b86d24.jpg

Terris Jones-Grigsby

 photo Jones-Grigsby820_zpsa78c99bb.jpg

Corner drills

 photo Holiday820_zpsc39bc9e5.jpg

 photo Grandon820_zps92d161ca.jpg

Austin Hill

 photo Hill820_zps89d67855.jpg

Hank Hobson

 photo Hobson820_zps12c01f99.jpg

Aiulua Fanene

 photo Fish8201_zps9fd620f0.jpg

 photo Fish820_zps58c9931a.jpg

Trevor Ermisch

 photo Ermisch820_zpsef7615e0.jpg

Tony Ellison

 photo Ellison820_zpsace21f67.jpg

Cayleb Jones

 photo Cayleb820_zpsdabcf06e.jpg

Cayman Bundage and Jeff Worthy

 photo Bundage820_zps20c1775b.jpg

Calvin Allen and Luca Bruno

 photo Bruno820_zpsf056c576.jpg

Blake Brady

 photo Brady8202_zpsf361df2d.jpg

 photo Brady820_zpsd3bf74ac.jpg

Anu Solomon

 photo Anu8201_zps5eca80ee.jpg

 photo Anu820_zps8690553b.jpg

Jordan Allen

 photo Allen820_zpsaad31ac2.jpg

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