Cobb still learning

While it appears that Jamardre Cobb will not make an impact right away, there is still plenty of optimism regarding his future. Read on for his thoughts on camp and more.

There were many that thought Los Angeles (Calif.) Salesian middle linebacker Jamardre Cobb would be able to come in and make an immediate contribution at the University of Arizona.

As things stand now, it may take a little longer than originally expected.

Cobb and high school teammates Marquis Ware and Rodney Carr were not cleared academically until very late in the summer, meaning they missed out on many of the workouts their fellow incoming recruits were able to participate in.

The four-star backer isn’t bitter, but he admits it would have been nice to be informed of his status earlier.

“I planned on getting here as early as possible,” Cobb said. “And when that didn’t happen, I started to get a little nervous, but I got into the place I wanted to play college football, so it is all good big picture.”

A late arrival compounded by an early camp injury hasn’t made Cobb question whether he made the right collegiate choice.

“I knew it wouldn’t be easy," he said. "This is a complicated defense and they have some pretty good players on the back end, plus the pace and strength of guys is just unreal. I obviously have a lot of catching up to do.”

Cobb is confident that he and his high school teammates will be able to pick things up.

“We’ve been banged up and had some injuries while having some problems picking everything up," he said. "But we will put in the time to get everything figured out.”

While expectations of an immediate Cobb contribution might have to be put on the backburner, his overall future with the program remains extremely bright."

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