McCall making major strides

Jarvis McCall may be the most improved player on Arizona. Read on to see what went into becoming that and more.

Both Jeff Casteel and David Lockwood say that Jarvis McCall is the most improved player on defense and the redshirt freshman corner knows why.

"Just getting the plays, system down and getting in much better shape," McCall said. "Once I knew the plays and Jonathan McKnight helped me out with those plays, I an way less hesitant and more just react. I can play faster now."

Knowing the plays and method behind what he is doing made McCall's job much easier.

"When you don’t know the plays or your responsibilities, you will be hesitant," he said. "If you know what you are supposed to be doing, you just react to it. If you don’t know the plays, you might see it, but not react to it because you are worried if you are doing it right or wrong.

"I know what I am doing now and the plays and system, certain coverages, I am more relaxed. I haven’t played a down in college football yet, but I’m ready for it to come."

The corner recalls when everything clicked for him and he began to truly get better.

"I would probably say towards the end of spring when I really started getting the reps and learning the plays," he said. "Come the fall, I just had to capitalize where I left off on."

It also helps that McCall is facing such a strong group of receivers every day in practice.

"I get good competition every day and that gets them better and myself better as well in the process," he said.

"Camp has kind of gone by fast, at least faster than last year because I had a rough time."

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