Brady helping out

Not only is Blake Brady going to make an impact himself this season, but he is also helping the younger players. Read on to see what he says about being a mentor and more.

Blake Brady has been seeing more action with the injury to Jared Tevis and is taking advantage of the increase in time.

"It's gone pretty well," Brady said. "I think this is one of my best camps. I learned a lot, especially at the bandit position. I fine tuned it, especially after spring. I am doing pretty well.

Last year I was playing spur. This year I've known I was going to play bandit, so I have really just focused on playing bandit and helping to provide depth."

Brady does not hide the fact that Tevis will be the starter when he comes back, but he also acknowledges he will be able to help the team.

"It's Tevis' spot to be honest and I am here to provide depth," he said. "If something were to happen I would be able to step in and provide help. I am also here to help the younger guys learn the defense as well."

In addition, Brady has become a leader of sorts in the sense that he takes an active role in helping his teammates.

"As a freshman you need somebody to help you learn the defense and you want to feel like you are welcomed," he said. "Anybody can come up to me and I can try to explain it to them because you want everybody to do well."

That ability to help out has changed a bit from when Mike Stoops was at Arizona.

"It was different with the Stoops' era because most of the younger guys would split up," Brady said. "You kind of just had to learn it by yourself.

"I think it is good now because in the Stoops era you would go in and they would basically be little fine tuning with the older guys.

"Now we have rookie periods and at the beginning of camp we start right over with the basics and you learn everything. With the rookie periods you can learn and get reps."

Now that focus has turned to the season opener, Brady is excited for what the future holds.

"I am excited," he said. "After summer workouts and everything I am excited that we finally get to put it out on the field for everybody to see. It came fast. Now that you look back at it, it's flown by."

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