8/22 Football Notebook

Rich Rodriguez met with the media on Friday to discuss injuries, the secondary, and more.

  • As camp comes to an end, Rich Rodriguez admits he can't think of a time where he was completely happy with how it went.

    "I don’t think I have ever been completely comfortable, even with a veteran team coming back," Rodriguez said. "Coming in here not knowing who the quarterback is, who the running back is, and three or four other positions, I am not very comfortable, but I tell the players they have to learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable. I will probably be uncomfortable for the next couple weeks."

  • One of the most experienced parts of the defense will be the secondary, but it still has its questions as well.

    "The safeties are experienced," Rodriguez said. "Bondurant had to work his way back into getting some reps and Tevis was hurt half the time, but Will Parks and Jourdon Grandon obviously got a lot of reps.

    "Tellas Jones was a guy that needed to play a lot and get some experience in camp, which he did. We’re further ahead defensively from a scheme standpoint. I don’t know if we are further ahead from a depth standpoint."

  • Bondurant is working his way to the status he has had in previous years and seems to be making progress.

    "He’s not starting," Rodriguez said. "He may play. He just now started getting reps with the twos recently. He will not start on any unit, but he has worked his way back into at least getting an opportunity to play.

    "His attitude when he has been here as always been good. Tra’Mayne loves football and works hard in practice, so he has never had an attitude problem when practice starts. I have been proud of the way he has worked in the last few weeks."

  • School starts back up on Monday and when you combine that with the first game, the overall attitude of the team changes a bit.

    "I get more excited in game week and I probably don’t yell as much because most of your work should have been done three weeks prior to it," Rodriguez said. "I think the guys start getting a little bounce in their step, but they will get a bounce in their step having a day off this Saturday.

    "I always worry about the first week of classes too because there is a lot going on and they are going to class for the first time. Their focus needs to be just on school and playing ball where there is 30,000 other students where their focus is school and maybe something else."

  • Austin Hill was limited this past week, but there does not seem to be any concern about him playing on Friday.

    "I think it is more of trying to rest him," Rodriguez said. "He has been wearing the brace and I think that wears on you a little bit, so we are trying to rest him. We did the same thing with Nate Phillips and Nate took some reps today, which was good."

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