Zellers working hard

Parker Zellers is working hard for a position on the defensive line. Read on to see what he says about that effort, his camp, and more.

Defensive tackle Parker Zellers has come a long way since arriving to Arizona and continues to work to improve.

"I am making progress every day, working hard," Zellers said. "Every day you have to come out with the mindset that you have to get better for you and your team.

"Technique. I got most of it down in the summer, but I need to be able to make it more consistent. Few good plays here and a few bad, I want to make sure I have more good than bad. I think I am getting there, but it takes hard work mentally and physically."

Zellers has to rely quite a bit on technique considering he is only 237 pounds.

"It all comes down to technique," he said. "The biggest thing is getting your hands inside and making the right steps and the right movement.

"It’s all down to the technical things and no matter how big or strong you are, if you can get those things down, you’ll be able to play."

The defensive line has a few open spots beyond the first string and Zellers has no issues with competing.

"I love coming out here and competing," Zellers said. "I keep my head down and stay humble. I work as hard as I can every day and work on making myself and my team better.

"It’s a competition and it wouldn’t be as fun coming out here with a set spot, so it’s nice working for it."

Arizona has had both good and bad practices, but works hard to get past the ones that don't go as well as he wants.

"You just have to keep your head up and keep going," Zellers said. "You have to put those days in the past and look forward and get better. We have to accept what we got yelled at for and get better and try to make sure it does not happen again."

With the game only days away, Zellers is choosing to take it one day at a time.

"I am working on getting through the next practice, coming out here in the heat every day gets hard," he said. "It’s a grind and I wouldn’t even say the next day, I would say the next play."

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