Worthy ready to contribute

Jeff Worthy feels more comfortable than he did in the spring and will likely start because of it. Read on to see what he says about his role, camp, and more.

Jeff Worthy struggled a bit in the spring, but now he is only a few days from starting on the defensive line.

"I think I have made a big improvement from the spring," Worthy said. "Learning that nose guard position is different for me because I have been a three tech.

"I came in at 265 and thought I would play that tackle spot, but I moved down to nose, gained the weight, and figured it out."

When thinking about the season opener, Worthy recites a popular saying by Rich Rodriguez to describe his mentality.

"I'm very comfortable," Worthy said. "I'm very comfortable being uncomfortable also. That's what coach Rod wants and what Kirelawich wants. We usually hear that in meetings a lot and it is something the coaches stress."

When making the transition to D-I football, Worthy actually got help from a player on the other side of the line.

"Steven Gurrola helped me a lot," Worthy said. "Going up against a center each and every play is difficult and going up against him, you get better. You get better every day and that is what I needed.

"Tevin Hood also talked to me here and there and Reggie told me some stuff. Kirelawich always talks about knowing what you are doing, but also developing your own style of play and being comfortable. I think I have done that."

Worthy is excited for Friday's game against UNLV, but he is confident as well.

"This is my first D-I game," he said. "I am excited and it has been a long time coming. Family and friends are all waiting to see me play and I am ready. I've been ready.

"I had to fight for it. It was a competition. I think I won that competition, but we still have a week of practice."

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