Fanene continues to transition

Aiulua Fanene is back from his mission and expected to play a major role right away. Read on to see what he says about being back, what he has learned, and more.

Aiulua Fanene has already seen game action at Arizona, but it was interrupted by a two-year mission.

Now that he is back, Fanene is hoping that he will be able to take over from where he left off.

"Camp has been going well," Fanene said. "I am trying to learn the plays and get back into the game and everything. It's getting better every day.

"I just come out here and learn day by day and focus on the fundamentals to be able to become a better player."

Fanene admits the transition has been difficult, but is willing to put in the work to get back to where he wants to be.

"It's hard, but I played one year before I left so I know what I am going to face," he said. "I just have to work extra hard to get back into the position the coaches want me to be in.

"I think I was in pretty good shape, but right now I am in really good shape. I run as much as I used to and I am in better shape than I was before."

The only experience Fanene had at Arizona previous to this year is under Mike Stoops and working for the new coaching staff has been hard because of the differences between them.

"It's really hard," he said. "It's different for me. It feels like I have never played football before. My mentality was there, but body wise and conditioning wise I had to work hard to get back into that."

Thankfully, Fanene's experience during his mission has helped him through this process.

"It taught me to be be able to mature and be responsible," he said. "I also learned to be accountable and hard working. I have to put in a lot of extra time that I needed to improve."

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