Randall still learning

Arizona quarterback Jerrard Randall is hoping to see playing time this season. Read on to find out how his transition has been, what he needs to improve on, and more.

Arizona has yet namee a starting quarterback with the first game just days away.

One of the quarterbacks who will likely see some time this season is junior college transfer Jerrard Randall.

Randall has had his ups and downs throughout fall camp, but he believes that he is learning every day.

"It's been going good since I got here," Randall said. "Learning everything and the quarterback system has been tough. Even though I'm a perfect fit for the offense, I try to go out there and make it more of a learning experience for myself.

"I needed to learn the plays better and get mental reps in before I could see myself improve, and I have."

The quarterback enrolled in January and was able to take part in the spring camp, which gave him a taste of what the fall would be like.

"Coming in the spring gave me a bit of a jump," he said. "I got to know my receivers early on. I got to throw with them over the summer and got used to getting hit a little bit. I had Scooby Wright on my butt all spring and that helped me learn."

Randall is competing for playing time, but is still adjusting to the offense.

"I fight every day," Randall said. "I compete every day. I'm a competitive guy and sometimes I go out there and I make a few mistakes, but it happens when you're in a brand new offense. I'm just trying to get used to everything."

One of the biggest issues learning the offense is getting the plays and reads correct, which is something that Randall is working on.

"I'm working on not just knowing the plays, but owning the plays," he said. "I can draw up a play for you any day, but it's hard to do that in three seconds when you have to read the defense and make a decision with the ball. It's difficult, but I just try not to make the same mistakes twice."

Along with knowing the correct reads, Randall is still trying to get a stronger handle on the playbook.

"Something that I need to work on the most going forward is being decisive," Randall said. "Going out there while I'm playing and not thinking about it. I need it to be second nature.

"Sometimes, I go out there and roll out and have to think about where my receiver should be, when I should already know. It should just click for me. That will come with more reps."

Even if Randall misses out on starting behind center, he doesn't plan on giving up on the position.

"Everything for me has been at quarterback," he said. "I don't know if they have something planned for me that I don't know of, but the coaches want me to play quarterback, so there I am. That's what I signed up for and that's what I'm here to do."

Randall is fighting for the starting position with Jesse Scroggins and Anu Solomon. The newcomer has taken to watching the others and tries to learn from them.

"I think that I'm doing pretty good competing with them," Randall said. "When those guys go in and get reps, I see what they're doing. If they do something well, I remember that.

"If they make mistakes, I learn from it so I don't make those same mistakes. I can learn from Anu and Jesse because they know the offense better than I do."

The competition also seems to be following the quarterbacks off the field as well, as they spend their study time away from each other.

"The three of us kind of do our own thing when we are off the field," he said. "I'm old enough to get in my own playbook and learn some things. If someone has to come and help me learn plays, then I shouldn't be playing the position that I'm playing. I need to get there on my own and I think that will benefit me."

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