Hauck wary of Arizona

After being blown out last season, UNLV coach Bobby Hauck is wary of Arizona. Read on to see him discuss why and more.

UNLV coach Bobby Hauck does not mince words when discussing how he feels about his team's chances on Friday.

"We’ve got a tall task in going to Arizona and trying to beat a Pac-12 team," Hauck. "Arizona handled us a year ago and we are well aware of that fact, just like they handled Oregon and Boston College at the end of last season. We have our hands full and to be in the game we will have to play our best game."

Hauck is confident in UNLV's ability, but is still skeptical it will translate to a win over Arizona.

"I like our team," he said. "I think we will have a good season and for the first time we have some depth, which is different than it has been in the past.

"I think we are a more complete team than we’ve been. but going to Tucson and winning is going to be a tall order. That’s a difficult task for us."

In terms of game planning for the Wildcats, it appears that Hauck could be ready to try to slow the game down.

"They just flat handled us last year," Hauck said. "What we control is us and we need to have a better performance against them than we did a year ago in order to be in the game.

"They are going to be really fast paced on offense, try to get as many plays as they can and conversely we will probably huddle and try to shorten the game and slow it down if we can get the ball back from them and shorten the game and get it to the fourth quarter and do some of those things that you need to do when you’re an underdog."

Arizona named Anu Solomon its starter on Monday, but it did not come as a surprise to Hauck.

"We’ve had that sense for a while," he said. "They are going to do what they do, so I don’t think anything changes. We need to prepare to stop their offense and a guy in his first start, hopefully he has some jitters."

In addition to preparing for Solomon, UNLV is getting ready to face a running back by committee situation from Arizona.

"They don’t have Ka’Deem Carey," Hauck said. "He was awfully good, but I read the same things you guys do. I think they feel pretty good about their running back crew. We better tackle the guy with the ball better than we did a year ago."

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