Staff Predictions: Week One

Arizona plays UNLV on Friday. Read on to see who the staff predicts will come out the winner.

Michael Luke:Look for Arizona to come out and try to establish the run early. UNLV’s front seven is undersized and figures to become engulfed by the Arizona line.

This should open up some high percentage options for Solomon as well. Look for a few big plays over the top in the second half.

Arizona’s defense is the great question mark. The back eight seems solid, but the down line has a plethora of concerns. Keep an eye on how well Worthy plugs up the middle. That said, Arizona has too much talent.

Arizona 31 UNLV 10

Cody James Martin: This game has the potential to be bad for Arizona with inexperience at quarterback and running back and several question marks on defense. Even with those issues, it would take every negative possible for UNLV to pull off the upset.

Anu Solomon will start slow, but get into rhythm late in the first quarter, never giving Rich Rodriguez a chance to take him out until the reserves see the field in the 4th quarter.

Nick Wilson and Adonis Smith score on the ground and the Wildcats roll to a 1-0 start.

Arizona 45, UNLV 17

Jason Scheer: This game will probably start slow for both sides only because there are so many new pieces. However, this is one of those games were one team just has a lot more talent than the other and Arizona is the more talented team in this case.

Arizona is more likely to stop UNLV than the opposite and once Solomon gets comfortable and this offense starts moving the ball, the Runnin' Rebels won't have much of a chance.

My off the wall prediction is that Arizona is going to get a special teams touchdown. It doesn't happen often in Tucson, but I think Davonte' Neal makes his entrance in a big way.

Arizona 49, UNLV 20

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