Solomon gains confidence in first start

Anu Solomon had a shaky start on Friday night, but was able to gain confidence. Read on to see what Solomon and Rich Rodriguez had to say about his effort.

Anu Solomon started just like many expected, as the freshman quarterback struggled with nerves on Friday night.

However, he quickly gained composure and, for the most part, Rich Rodriguez was happy with his effort.

“He didn’t seem overly nervous," Rodriguez said. "Mentally, he was pretty sharp. It’s just a couple of the throws sailed on him and there were challenges to throw the ball.

"We figured that coming in, no matter who the quarterback was, they were going to bring the safeties down low and bring some pressure and play cover zero and see if we could pitch some catches.

"He got a lot of yards because our field position was so poor. I thought the first touchdown with Nate (Phillips) kind of gave him a little bit of confidence and opened things up a little bit.”

Solomon admits he started a bit slow, but wouldn't necessarily say he was nervous.

“I had a little jitters and I think you could see them with some of my bad passes," he said. "Overall, I felt more anxious than nervous.”

The freshman quarterback broke numerous records, but was quick to say that he sees rom for improvement.

“The little things need to be cleaned up," Solomon said. "I felt slow today and also not holding the ball as long. I felt that we could have gained more yards. We have great wide receivers, a great group of guys.”

Thankfully for Solomon, he has help from his group of wide receivers.

"We have to make Anu (Solomon) feel comfortable," Austin Hill said. "It took a couple of drives for him to grow into it. We just tell them we’ve played football our entire lives and don’t be nervous. He makes good throws in the right places and that shows a lot about him.”

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