8/31 Football Notebook

Rich Rodriguez met with the media on Sunday. Read on to see what he says about Trevor Wood on both sides of the ball, UTSA, and more.

  • After Sunday's practice, Rich Rodriguez announced that freshman Trevor Wood will start playing both sides of the ball.

    "He’s playing both ways," Rodriguez said. "He is going to play a little defense and still play tight end. He will probably play a little more defense moving forward.

    "He is a big athletic guy. I think he has a great future. He is playing as a true freshman, which is a good thing and he is still learning and gaining strength. A good offseason and good summer and he is going to be a guy that is going to play a lot off football for us on both sides.

    "With Reggie Gilbert still a bit hobbled, we’re a little short over there, so he will be playing some defensive end and tight end."

  • When watching the game tape from Friday, Rodriguez says that the offensive line had a solid effort.

    "We didn’t have a lot of missed assignments, but there are some things we could clean up a bit," he said. "Overall it was solid. We got hit a few times when we shouldn’t have. There were a few times it was just a flat out bust."

  • The Wildcats were able to play four quarterbacks on Friday, but that was not necessarily the plan.

    "We didn’t plan on it, it was just kind of how the last drive was," Rodriguez said. "When we kept getting first downs, it was just ‘okay, let’s give a guy three or four plays and get his feet wet a little bit.' I don’t think any of them have ever played, so at least now they have been in a game."

  • As well as Anu Solomon played, the tape revealed that he could have performed better.

    "His reads were accurate most of the time," Rodriguez said. "Any time you make as many reads as him, you are going to have a few mistakes. Overall I thought he saw the field better, but had he been more accurate and executed better in the first half he could have had some big numbers."

  • It was a bit of a surprise that only six freshman got time on Friday and that was due to a combination of factors.

    "Part of it was that quite a few aren’t ready yet and some of them we have more upperclassmen returning in different spots," Rodriguez said. "With the transfers and guys returning, I still think there’s probably going to be another couple of years we are going to play more freshmen than we want to."

  • Attention now turns to Thursday's game against a UTSA squad that had an impressive opening win over Houston.

    "They just completely shut them down," Rodriguez said. "They got off blocks, Houston couldn’t block them. They broke on the ball well, tackled in the open field well. Houston really spread them out and went fast too, but UTSA had a good plan and they followed it."

  • One of the main reasons why UTSA may be improved this season is because of the amount of experience it is returning.

    "They had 21 returning starters and 42 seniors and most of them are probably fifth year guys that all redshirted their first year when hey started in the program," Rodriguez said. "We’re playing a bunch of grown men, we ain’t playing kids. Next to BYU, they may be one of the oldest kids in the country."

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